Will BTS ever come to India?

# ANA Jane OpinionLet BTS never come to India – India is not ready for them.Okay – before you push back. Yes, I am an army for bones.Let’s talk business first. K-POP is still an appropriate and expanding segment in India. The main kpop or k-drama community focuses on niche markets in northern India and urban … Read more

Who is the weakest performer of BTS?

There are 4 weak performers: The mic, who doesn’t even have energy to flip itself: The shirts, stoopid things can’t lift themselves: The hair, can’t even move on it’s own: Finally, Namjoon’s crabs, weirdos need to be carried around, talk about weak!: BTS has had years of experience, none of them are weak. Hope y’alls not sweating! So, … Read more

Are the BTS members gay?

# SEI Han ( From South Korea) Opinion As a Korean, it is hard to see why foreigners are interested in whether or not BTS members are gay. However, if these issues are related to the behavior of BTS members, I believe it is a misunderstanding due to cultural differences. Lets check by following points … Read more