Lee Yeon-hee (Korean Actress) Profile, Boyfriend, Wiki, Biography, Age, Net Worth, Education

Lee Yeon-hee (Korean Actress)  Lee Yeon-hee (Korean Actress) Wiki Biography Lee Yeon-hee won 2nd place in the second SM Entertainment Youth Contest in 2001 and signed a contract with a popular entertainment agency in South Korea. Before deciding to become an actor, Lee Yeon Hee coached not only acting, but also singing and dancing. It … Read more

Lee Yeon-hee Movies, TV Shows, Drama List

Lee Yeon-hee Movies, TV Shows, Drama List Since her debut, actress Lee Yeon Hee has been chosen primarily by the main character, not from the supporting role, which has made many think that her agency’s influence must be especially good because her acting skills are not. They have been updated compared to one project to … Read more