Dewayne Jamal Dedmon Age, Wiki, Biography, Body Measurement, Parents, Family, Salary, Net worth

           Dewayne Dedmon is an American professional basketball player who played for the National Basketball Association (NBA) in 2018. Dewayne plays for the Atlanta Hawks. He has previously played for other teams such as Gold. State Warriors, Philadelphia 76ers, Orlando Magic and San Antonio Spurs. Diedmond is married to his girlfriend … Read more

Nik Stauskas Age, Wiki, Biography, Wife, Children, Salary, Net Worth, Parents

           Nick Stauskas is a Canadian professional NBA player who plays in the National Basketball Association (NBA) in 2019. Nicholas Thomas Stauskas plays as a shooting card for the Cleveland Cavaliers. Nicholas Thomas Stauskas plays with other teams such as Brooklyn Nets, Sacramento Kings, Portland, Trail Blazers and Philadelphia Sixers As … Read more