Howie Hawkins Wikipedia, Biography, Religion, Education, Family, Wife, Net Worth, Political Party

           Howie Hawkins is a prominent politician, union member, and environmental activist. Now, when Hui Hawkins ran for president in 2020, he was making a daily commotion. In the past, he campaigned in offices nearly 24 times, but all cases were unsuccessful. Howie Hawkins Wiki Name Howie Hawkins Birthday December 8, … Read more

CFMEU: John Setka Biography , Wife Age, Family, Net Worth, Instagram

           John Sitka of the Australian Workers’ Union is currently the Secretary of State for Construction, Forestry, Marine, Mining and Energy (CFMEU) and Secretary of State for Victoria Affairs. In 2019, Labor representative Anthony Albanese suggested expelling Sitka from political parties due to alleged references to anti-violence activists. John Sitka has … Read more