Where is the serial number on a Poulan chainsaw?

Answer Poulan Chainsaws are a brand of chainsaws manufactured by Poulan. It is common for the model and serial number to be positioned on the handle assembly, either on the side by the trigger or near it on the chassis assembly, as you can see in the photographs below. It will either be a black/gray … Read more

How can I tell how old my Stihl chainsaw is?

Answer If you don’t have the original handbook that came with the saw, the manufacturer or a local dealer may utilize the serial number of your saw to check up the date of production in a database, saving you time and money. This number is located on the front of the saw housing, near the … Read more

Where is Craftsman chainsaw serial number?

Answer Lawn mower is the focus of this product category.   What is the location of the serial number on a chainsaw in this case? In contrast, the serial number of a Homelite chain saw is printed on the bottom of the saw, while the serial number of a Husqvarna chain saw is located next … Read more