Najwa Karam Net Worth, Income, Salary, Earnings, Biography, How much money make?

Najwa Karam Net Worth, Income, Salary, Earnings, Biography, How much money make?
Najwa Karam (Arabic: نجوى كرم‎ Lebanese articulation: [ˈnajwa ˈkaɾam]) (conceived 26 February 1966) is a Lebanese multi-Platinum, top of the line recording craftsman in the Middle East, who has sold more than 60 million records around the world. Najwa, broadly known for her vocal force to be reckoned with, has outperformed Middle Eastern melodic cutoff points in building her Empire, as she has successfully helped change the Arabic music industry in its effort. Having made some meaningful difference by making and presenting her own mix of customary and contemporary Arabic Music, Najwa has characterized her picture and her music in the Middle East and all through the world, adding to the spread of the Lebanese tongue in Arabic Music. 
Aside from her singing profession, Najwa is a Middle Eastern style symbol just as the fundamental Judge on the hit network show Arabs’ Got Talent. Najwa holds the titles of most noteworthy selling Middle Eastern Artist for the years 1999, 2000, 2001, 2003, and 2008.Having procured her notable title, Shams el-Ghinnieh (The Sun of Song), Najwa’s control of the Arabic Music industry started in 1994 through 1999, when she had significant triumphs with collections, like Naghmet Hob, Ma Bassmahlak and Maghroumeh. 
In 1999, her collection Rouh Rouhi, beat out everyone else all through the Arab world, and in 2000, Najwa’s collection Oyoun Qalbi brought Najwa’s most prominent achievement yet, as it sold more than 5 million collections around the world, holding the state-of-the-art record for top rated Arabic-language collection ever.

Najwa Karam Net Worth : $ 55 Million

Lets check out updated 2021 Najwa Karam Net Worth Income Salary report which is given below :

Najwa Karam’s Salary / Income:

Per Year: $ 4,00,000

Per Month: $ 32,000

Per Week: $ 8,000

Per Day: Per Hour: Per Minute: Per Second:
$ 1140 $ 19 $ 0.3 $ 0.05

Najwa Karam Wiki

Full Name Najwa Karam
Net Worth $55 Million
Date Of Birth February 26, 1966
Place Of Birth Zahlé, Lebanon
Height 164 centimetres
Profession Actress, Soundtrack

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