How do I register my Kobalt Tools?


Register your Kobalt® socket set online or by calling 1-888-3KOBALT to ensure that any sockets that are lost, stolen, or misplaced will be replaced. Kobalt will ship a new socket straight to your door within five business days after receiving notification of the problem. Sockets that have been damaged should be replaced at your local Lowe’s.


Another concern is whether or not Kobalt Tools will be withdrawn.

It’s not an issue! And, of course, we’ll continue to offer a big assortment of Kobalt products available for purchase both in-store and on our website. Some Kobalt goods that were previously only sold in-store will now be accessible online. Lowe’s has remained devoted to the Kobalt brand over the years.


Furthermore, how can I get Kobalt Tools to work again?

Kobalt tools are built to last, so you should never have an issue with one. If you do, however, you may return the item to the store where you made the purchase for a free replacement. There were no questions asked. Your legal rights under this guarantee are set out in this document, and you may also have additional legal rights, which differ from state to state.


Aside from the aforementioned, is it possible to return Kobalt tools to Lowe’s?

Yes, I checked, and Kobalt gives a Lifetime Hassle-Free Guarantee on their hand tools. I’m not kidding. Previously, I had returned and exchanged new Kobalt tools at Lowes, but I had never taken advantage of the company’s one-year limited warranty. Given the lack of small print terms and conditions available elsewhere on the Kobalt website, it’s difficult to make a definitive statement.


What firm is responsible for the production of Kobalt Tools?



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Kobalt is a better brand than Craftsman.

The tool box (case) you get from Craftsman is likewise of higher quality than the one you receive from Kobalt. The Kobalt kit that I’m looking at contains a large number of wrenches and sockets. Other Kobalt kits, on the other hand, are fairly uncommon on these sites. Usually, Craftsman does a better job at this.


Is Kobalt a superior brand than Dewalt?

As previously said, it is the only Kobalt tool that I believe performs much better than its Dewalt equivalent. However, Kobalt is not always constant, and this may be a concern you want to take into consideration. Kobalt is a store-branded product. It is owned by Lowe’s, and the manufacturing of Kobalt tools is delegated to a number of other manufacturers.


Is Kobalt a product of Snap on?

The first comes from Bob Payne of Cornwell Tool Distributor, who states that Kobalt is not a product of Snap-On. ) The second comes from Heidi Schuck of Husky Tools, who provides further information about Kobalt tools that are not manufactured by Snap-On.


Who is the current owner of Craftsman tools?

Stanley Black & Decker is a manufacturer of woodworking tools.


Is Kobalt a reputable brand?

Both their high-end artisan professionals, as well as their wrenches in their pro range, are of high-quality construction. Especially the ones that are created in the United States. However, their base wrenches for raising the panel are of high quality, are manufactured in the United States, and are trustworthy. Their mid-range and high-end ratchets are excellent, but their entry-level ratchet is not very impressive.


Are Kobalt cordless tools of high quality?

650 foot-pounds of torque are provided by the new Kobalt Tools 24V brushless 1/2′′ impact wrench, which also has an electronic Finish function. A tool like this should be quite successful for Kobalt, since the original Kobalt 18V cordless impact wrench was a really excellent piece of equipment that provided lots of power and ran for an extended period of time.


Who is currently taking over for Craftsman tools?

Earlier this year, Stanley Black & Decker completed the acquisition of the Craftsman brand from Sears Holdings, which retains a restricted license for Craftsman items. Sears retains the right to manufacture and sell tools under the Craftsman brand utilizing current supply lines for a period of 15 years after the completion of the transaction.


Is Lowe’s willing to uphold the Craftsman warranty?

“No matter where the CRAFTSMAN hand tool was acquired, we will respect any lifetime warranties associated with it. We ask that consumers bring in the item in question, and if we have the goods in stock, we will replace it. Customer service representatives may be reached at (883-331-4569) if we do not have the goods in stock.”


What happens to the things that are returned to Lowes?

It is dependent on the condition of the item and whether or not the dealer would accept it back. Items that are returned in excellent condition will be placed back on the floor for sales in the future. Items with a damage status will be returned to a clerk, who will determine whether they may be resold at a discount, whether they should be returned to the manufacturer, or if they should be destroyed.


Is it necessary for me to register my Kobalt Tools?

In order to join in the Sockets For Life program, you must register your Kobalt socket set once you have purchased it. The registration procedure may be completed online at or by phone at 1-888-3KOBALT (toll-free).


Is it possible to return a lawn mower to Lowe’s?

A lawn mower purchased from Lowe’s may be returned to Lowe’s within 30 days of purchase if it is in fresh, unused condition. It is necessary that you retain your receipt in order to get your complete refund. If you purchased anything with your credit card, an employee may be able to locate your receipt for you.


When returning Kobalt Tools, do you need a receipt?

Keep track of your receipts. You may return any Kobalt tools via Lowes, and since it is their brand, they are required to swap the item.


Is it possible to return old power tools to Lowe’s?

Generally speaking, you have 90 days to return most tools bought from Lowe’s, even if you have opened the box and used the item. Outdoor and gas-powered tools, on the other hand, must be returned within 30 days after purchase. All tools must be in like-new condition, and you must have the original packaging, as well as a receipt or picture ID, with you when you come in.


Is it true that Kobalt tool cases come with a lifetime warranty?

However, even in the event of such an occurrence, and for those who are concerned about the warranty of the instruments, they are backed by a Lifetime hassle-free warranty. This implies that if you have an issue with one of your tool chests, you will be able to obtain a free replacement for the product you purchased.