What was Papoose in jail for?


Their wedding preparations were put on hold when Papoose (real name Shamele Mackie) proposed to Remy Ma, 36, in 200She was arrested for assault, weapons possession, and attempted coercion and faces 15 to 25 years in prison as a result of her arrest.


In a similar vein, the question is raised as to why Remy was sent to prison.

The accusations against Smith were dropped after he was found guilty on March 27, 2008, of assault, unlawful weapon possession, and attempted coercion in connection with them. She was taken into prison immediately and will be sentenced on May 13 if she is found guilty. She was found not guilty of witness tampering as well as gang assault.


What exactly does Papoose do for a livelihood is another question.

 Rapper and songwriter


How many years did Remy spend in prison as a result of this?

According to Remy Ma’s attorney, Ivan Fisher, the New York Supreme Court sentenced her to eight years in jail on Tuesday on counts of assault, possession of a weapon, and attempted coercion, among other offences.


What is the true name of Remy Ma?

Smith’s reminiscences


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What is Remy Ma’s age?

39 years have elapsed (May 30, 1980)


What is the name of Remy Ma’s daughter?

Remy Ma and Papoose had their first child, a girl, in December of last year. Her given name, Reminisce MacKenzie, was just recently revealed to be her actual moniker. Despite the fact that Remy had issues after giving delivery, she was able to overcome them with the assistance of Papoose and her newborn daughter.


What method did Remy Ma use to reduce weight?

However, some people believe Remy Ma had weight reduction surgery rather than putting forth the necessary effort to lose the weight she had gained. Remy Ma is a hard worker, as everyone who knows her would attest. Whether it’s her professional life or her physical appearance, the rapper seems to live by the motto “no time off.”


What country does Remy Ma hail from?

Castle Hill is a neighbourhood in the city of New York, United States.


What is the length of Remy and Papoose’s relationship?

They have been married for ten years and have been together for thirteen years. Remy is 38 years old and Papoose is 40.


Remy has been on parole for how long?

She had been on parole for five years as a result of a shooting that occurred in 2007.


What year did Remy Ma tie the knot?

Papoose and Remy Ma are getting married today in hip-hop. On this day in hip-hop history, May 12, a significant event occurred. 2008: Papoose and Remy Ma, two New York rappers, tied the knot on May 12, 2008, only a few days before Remy was sentenced to six years in prison for assault and battery, firearm possession, and coercion offences.


How did Lil Kim become so well-known?

Lil’ Kim is an American rapper, songwriter, model, actor, and producer who was born in Los Angeles, California. She got her start by rapping a freestyle for the Notorious B.I.G., a rapper from New York City. Initially, she was a member of the M.A.F.I.A. youth gang Junior M.A.F.I.A. Later, she launched her first solo album, ‘Hard Core,’ which received a lot of positive feedback.


What is the identity of Makeda Barnes Joseph?

Police said that the lady, Makeda Barnes-Joseph, 23, was in stable condition at St. Vincent’s Hospital Manhattan yesterday after being shot twice in the abdomen. Just before 4 a.m., while driving her white Nissan Maxima on Washington Street, just south of West 14th Street, she was shot twice in the chest.


What happened to Monica Smith, a friend of Remy Ma’s?

“I have one best buddy on the face of the whole planet. Her name is Monica Denise Smith, and she comes from a family of actresses. Remy disclosed in the description of her video that she had lost Smith, a friend with whom she had been pals for almost 25 years, “to a horrific cancer.” She claims she had planned to pay a visit to Smith this week, but had to cancel due to a series of media engagements.


What is Remy Ma’s market value?

Approximately $4 million is being spent.


What is the monetary value of Papoose?

Papoose has a net worth of $1 million as of the year 201While attempting to kickstart his career, which includes a failed record contract, he decided to start selling mixtapes on his own website. He was fortunate in that he met DJ Kay Slay following his radio programme, which led to the beginning of his successful radio career.


What is the monetary value of yandy?

Yandy’s net worth is believed to be $15 million, according to reliable sources. Yandy travelled to California after college to pursue a job in the entertainment industry.


Who is Remy Ma’s spouse, and what is his name?