Who is Hasan Piker Dating Now? A Look into His Past and Current Relationships


Hasan Piker is a popular Twitch streamer, political commentator, and YouTuber who has been in the public eye for a while now. With his increasing popularity, fans have been curious about his personal life, especially his dating history. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at who Hasan Piker is currently dating, his past relationships, rumors, and breakup, and some interesting facts about his personal life.


Relationship Wiki Table:

Name Relationship Type
Janice Griffith Rumored
Eman Kellam Ex-girlfriend
Isabella Avila (POKIMANE) Rumored
Lena Nersesian (Lena The Plug) Rumored


Past Relationships:

Hasan Piker was previously in a relationship with Eman Kellam, a social media influencer. The couple dated for a few years before breaking up in early 2020. However, the reason behind their split remains unknown.


Current Relationship Status:

Currently, Hasan Piker is not dating anyone publicly. He has not revealed any information about his personal life since his breakup with Eman Kellam. However, he has been rumored to be dating several women, including Janice Griffith, Isabella Avila (POKIMANE), and Lena Nersesian (Lena The Plug).



There have been rumors about Hasan Piker’s romantic relationships with several women. One of the most talked-about rumors was his alleged relationship with Janice Griffith, an adult film actress. However, both Hasan and Janice have denied the rumors, stating that they are just friends. Another rumor was about his relationship with Isabella Avila, also known as POKIMANE, a popular Twitch streamer. However, there is no concrete evidence to support this rumor. Hasan was also rumored to be dating Lena Nersesian, also known as Lena The Plug, a fitness influencer and YouTuber. However, both parties have denied the rumor.



Hasan Piker’s breakup with Eman Kellam was confirmed in early 2020, but the reason behind their split remains unknown. Neither of them has revealed any details about their breakup, and they seem to have moved on with their lives.



  • Hasan Piker was born on July 25, 1991, in Istanbul, Turkey, and raised in the United States.
  • He is the nephew of Cenk Uygur, the founder of The Young Turks, a progressive news and commentary show.
  • Hasan Piker is a political commentator and often shares his views on political and social issues on his Twitch and YouTube channels.
  • He has a degree in political science from Rutgers University.
  • Hasan Piker is a vocal supporter of progressive political causes, including Medicare for All, free college education, and ending police brutality.



Although Hasan Piker’s personal life is often the subject of rumors and speculation, he has remained tight-lipped about his dating life. While he was previously in a relationship with Eman Kellam, he is currently single and has not revealed any information about his dating life. As for the rumors about his alleged relationships with Janice Griffith, POKIMANE, and Lena The Plug, there is no concrete evidence to support them. Ultimately, Hasan Piker’s personal life remains a mystery to his fans and followers, and he seems content to keep it that way.