Who is Manu Rios Dating Now? Past Relationships, Current Relationship Status, and Rumours


Manu Rios is a talented Spanish actor, singer, and social media star who has won the hearts of millions of fans worldwide. The 23-year-old star has been in the limelight for several years now, and his fans are always curious about his personal life, especially his dating life. In this article, we will delve into Manu Rios’ dating history, current relationship status, and rumours.


Relationship Wiki Table:

Name Relationship Year
Ana Rujas Rumoured 2019
Belén López Rumoured 2020
Martina Cariddi Rumoured 2021
Álex Marínez Rumoured 2021

Past Relationships:

 Manu Rios has not been in any publicised serious relationships in the past. However, he has been linked to a few women in the entertainment industry, including Ana Rujas, a Spanish actress and model, Belén López, a Spanish actress, and Martina Cariddi, an Italian actress. None of these relationships were confirmed, and the rumours eventually died down.


Current Relationship Status:

Manu Rios is currently single, and there have been no reports of him dating anyone at the moment. He seems to be focused on his career and has been keeping his personal life private.



Despite being single, Manu Rios has been the subject of many dating rumours. In 2019, he was linked to Ana Rujas, and the rumour gained traction after they were spotted together several times. However, the rumour was never confirmed, and they both denied any romantic involvement.

In 2020, Manu was linked to Belén López, another Spanish actress. The rumours started after they were seen together at a fashion show, but once again, they both denied any romantic involvement.

More recently, in 2021, Manu was linked to Martina Cariddi, his co-star in the Netflix series Elite. The rumours were sparked after they were spotted together on several occasions, but both denied any romantic involvement. Additionally, he was also linked to Álex Marínez, a Spanish influencer, but the rumours were never confirmed.



Manu Rios has not been in any confirmed relationships, so there have been no official breakups.

  • Facts:Manu Rios was born on December 17, 1998, in Calzada, Calatrava, Spain.
  • He first gained popularity on social media platforms like Instagram and TikTok, where he showcased his singing and acting skills.
  • Manu Rios has a huge following on social media, with over 6 million followers on Instagram alone.
  • He has also appeared in several TV shows and movies, including the Netflix series Elite and the Spanish TV series Paquita Salas.
  • Manu Rios is also a talented singer and has released several singles and covers, including his original song “Pam.”



While Manu Rios has been linked to several women in the past, he is currently single and focused on his career. Despite the dating rumours, he has kept his personal life private and has not confirmed any relationships. His fans will have to wait and see who he chooses to date in the future.