Who is Matt Czuchry Dating Now? Past Relationships, Current Relationship Status, Rumours, and Facts

Who is Matt Czuchry Dating Now?


Matt Czuchry is a well-known actor who has been in the entertainment industry for over a decade. He has played many notable roles in movies and TV shows, including the Gilmore Girls, The Good Wife, and The Resident. His fans are always curious about his personal life, especially when it comes to his dating status. In this article, we will discuss who Matt Czuchry is dating now, his past relationships, current relationship status, rumours, and some interesting facts about him.


Heading 1: Who is Matt Czuchry Dating Now?

Currently, Matt Czuchry is not publicly dating anyone. He has managed to keep his personal life away from the public eye, and as of now, he seems to be single.


Heading 2: Past Relationships

Matt Czuchry has had a few relationships in the past. He was in a relationship with Kate Bosworth, a well-known actress, in 2000. However, the relationship didn’t last long, and they eventually broke up.

Later, Matt started dating Archie Panjabi, his co-star from The Good Wife. The two were spotted together at many events and red carpets, and rumours of them being in a relationship started swirling around. However, the couple never confirmed their relationship, and eventually, they went their separate ways.


Heading 3: Current Relationship Status

As mentioned earlier, Matt Czuchry is currently single and not dating anyone publicly. He seems to be focused on his career and is enjoying his life as a bachelor.


Heading 4: Rumours

Despite being single, Matt Czuchry has been the subject of many dating rumours in the past. For instance, he was rumoured to be dating his co-star from The Resident, Emily VanCamp, in 201However, the rumours were never confirmed, and the two are just good friends.

Another rumour that made headlines was that Matt was in a relationship with Julianna Margulies, his co-star from The Good Wife. However, the rumour was never confirmed, and the two have always maintained that they are just good friends.


Heading 5: Breakup

Matt Czuchry has had his fair share of breakups in the past. His relationship with Kate Bosworth ended after a few months, and he later broke up with his co-star from The Good Wife, Archie Panjabi.


Heading 6: Facts

  • Matt Czuchry was born on May 20, 1977, in Manchester, New Hampshire.
  • He graduated from the College of Charleston with a degree in History and Political Science.
  • Before pursuing acting, Matt wanted to be a lawyer.
  • He is best known for his role as Logan Huntzberger in the TV series, Gilmore Girls.
  • Matt has also appeared in many movies, including I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell, The Good Guy, and Love and Other Drugs.
  • In his free time, Matt enjoys reading books and playing tennis.

Relationship Wiki Table:

Name Relationship Duration
Kate Bosworth Ex-girlfriend 2000
Archie Panjabi Ex-girlfriend (rumoured) N/A
Emily VanCamp Friend (rumoured) N/A
Julianna Margulies Friend (rumoured) N/A



Matt Czuchry is a talented actor who has managed to keep his personal life away from the public eye. Despite being the subject of many dating rumours, he seems to be enjoying his