Who is Yoo SeungHo Dating Now? Past Relationships, Current Status, and Rumours

Who is Yoo SeungHo Dating Now


Yoo SeungHo is a popular South Korean actor who has captured the hearts of fans around the world with his talent and charming personality. With a career spanning over a decade, he has starred in numerous hit dramas and movies. But fans are always curious about his personal life, especially his relationships. In this article, we’ll delve into Yoo SeungHo’s dating history, current relationship status, and rumours.

Relationship Wiki Table:

Name Born Occupation Duration of Relationship
Chae SooBin Jul 10, 1994 Actress 2017 – 2018
Kim SoHyun Jun 4, 1999 Actress 2013 – 2015
Park MinYoung Mar 4, 1986 Actress Rumoured 2019
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Past Relationships:

 Yoo SeungHo has been quite private about his relationships, but he has been linked with a few actresses in the past. His most well-known relationship was with Chae SooBin. The two worked together on the drama “I’m Not A Robot” and were rumoured to be dating during filming. They confirmed their relationship in 2017 but ended things the following year due to their busy schedules. Before Chae SooBin, Yoo SeungHo was also linked with Kim SoHyun, whom he worked with on the drama “Missing You.” They reportedly dated from 2013 to 2015.

Current Relationship Status: 

As of now, there is no confirmed information about Yoo SeungHo’s current relationship status. He has kept his personal life out of the public eye, and it is unclear whether he is dating someone or not. However, he has mentioned in interviews that he would like to get married in his thirties and start a family.


In 2019, Yoo SeungHo was rumoured to be dating Park MinYoung. They had worked together on the drama “Remember,” and fans speculated that they had developed feelings for each other. However, both Yoo SeungHo and Park MinYoung denied the rumours, stating that they were just good friends.


 Yoo SeungHo has only been in one public relationship, with Chae SooBin, which ended in 201They cited busy schedules as the reason for their breakup.


  • Yoo SeungHo was born on August 17, 1993, in Incheon, South Korea.
  • He made his acting debut in 2000 with the television drama “Daddy Fish.”
  • He is best known for his roles in dramas such as “I’m Not A Robot,” “Ruler: Master of the Mask,” and “My Strange Hero.”
  • Yoo SeungHo is also a talented singer and has released several singles and albums.
  • In addition to acting, he is also known for his philanthropic work, including his support for children with cancer.



Yoo SeungHo has kept his personal life quite private, but fans continue to speculate about his relationships. While he has been linked with several actresses in the past, his current relationship status is unclear. Fans will have to wait for Yoo SeungHo to share any updates about his personal life.