Who is Kristina Schulman Dating Now? Past Relationships, Current Relationship Status, and Rumours

Who is Kristina Schulman Dating Now


Kristina Schulman is a popular reality TV personality, best known for her appearances on The Bachelor and Bachelor in Paradise. Fans have been curious about her dating life, wondering who she’s currently seeing and what her past relationships have been like. In this article, we’ll dive into Kristina’s dating history, her current relationship status, and any rumours circulating about her love life.


Kristina Schulman’s Past Relationships

Kristina Schulman’s dating history includes a few notable Bachelor Nation alumni. In 2017, she appeared on Nick Viall’s season of The Bachelor, where she made it to the final four. She also appeared on the fourth season of Bachelor in Paradise, where she briefly dated Dean Unglert. Kristina and Dean’s relationship was a rollercoaster, with Dean ultimately breaking things off with her to pursue a relationship with Danielle Lombard.


Who is Kristina Schulman Dating Now?

As of April 2023, Kristina Schulman’s current relationship status is unknown. She has not publicly confirmed that she’s dating anyone, and there have been no reports of her being in a serious relationship.


Relationship Wiki Table:

Name Relationship Type Duration
Dean Unglert Ex-Boyfriend 2017
Blake Horstmann Rumoured 2019
Tyler Cameron Rumoured 2020


Rumours about Kristina Schulman’s Love Life

Kristina Schulman has been the subject of various dating rumours over the years. In 2019, there were reports that she was romantically involved with Bachelor in Paradise co-star Blake Horstmann. However, neither of them confirmed the relationship, and it’s unclear if they were ever actually dating.

More recently, in 2020, there were rumours that Kristina was seeing Tyler Cameron, another Bachelor Nation alum. The rumours began after Tyler posted a photo with Kristina on his Instagram story, but neither of them confirmed if they were dating.


 Breakup and Facts

Kristina Schulman has not publicly confirmed any breakups recently, and there have been no reports of her ending any relationships. However, it’s worth noting that she has been open in the past about struggling with heartbreak and her romantic experiences on The Bachelor and Bachelor in Paradise.

In an interview with Glamour in 2019, Kristina talked about her experience with Dean Unglert, saying, “I thought it was a great relationship, and I was willing to explore it outside of the show. But he had different intentions, and I was caught off guard.”


My Conclusive View:

Kristina Schulman has had an eventful dating history, with relationships with several notable Bachelor Nation alums. As of now, she is not publicly seeing anyone, but fans will undoubtedly be keeping an eye out for any updates on her love life.