Who is Love Majewski Dating Now? Past Relationships, Current Relationship Status, and Rumors

Who is Love Majewski Dating Now

Love Majewski is a reality TV personality, best known for her appearance on the hit show, “Mob Wives.” Her dramatic personality and unique style have made her a fan favorite, but many people are curious about her current relationship status. In this article, we’ll explore who Love Majewski is dating now, as well as her past relationships, rumors, and other interesting facts.


Past Relationships:

Love Majewski has been in a few high-profile relationships over the years. She was previously engaged to Chris Paciello, a notorious mobster who was once involved with Madonna. They had a tumultuous relationship, and it ultimately ended in a violent altercation. Love also dated another Mob Wives cast member, Carla Facciolo’s ex-husband, Joseph Ferragamo. They had a rocky relationship that ended in a bitter breakup.


Current Relationship Status:

Love Majewski has been keeping her current relationship status under wraps. There are no reports of her being in a serious relationship at the moment. However, she has been spotted with a few different men over the years, leading to rumors and speculation about her love life.



Love Majewski has been the subject of several rumors over the years. One of the most persistent rumors is that she had a romantic relationship with fellow Mob Wives cast member, Renee Graziano. However, both women have denied these rumors, stating that they are just friends.



Love Majewski’s most public breakup was with Chris Paciello. The two had a volatile relationship, and it ultimately ended in a violent altercation. Love has since moved on from that relationship and has been focusing on her career and personal life.



  • Love Majewski was born on November 27, 1971, in Staten Island, New York.
  • She is of Polish and Italian descent.
  • Love has a passion for fashion and has worked as a clothing designer.
  • She has also dabbled in music and released a single titled “Money, Power, Respect” in 2014.
  • Love Majewski has been open about her struggles with addiction and has been sober since 2012.


My Conclusive View:

Love Majewski has had her fair share of ups and downs when it comes to relationships. While she has had some tumultuous romances in the past, she has been keeping her current relationship status private. Fans of the reality TV star will undoubtedly be keeping a close eye on her love life in the future.