Who is Ricky Rubio Dating Now? Past Relationships, Current Status, and Rumours


Ricky Rubio is a famous Spanish basketball player who currently plays for the Cleveland Cavaliers in the NBA. With his charismatic personality and impressive basketball skills, he has won the hearts of many fans around the world. However, many are curious about his personal life, including who he is dating now, his past relationships, current relationship status, and any rumours surrounding his love life. In this article, we will explore these questions in detail.


Past Relationships:

Ricky Rubio has been linked to several women in the past. In 2012, he was rumoured to be dating Sara Carbonero, a Spanish sports journalist. However, the rumours were never confirmed, and they both moved on.

In 2014, Rubio was linked to Daniela Lopez Osorio, a Colombian model. They were seen together at several events, including the Miami Heat vs. Charlotte Bobcats game. However, the relationship did not last long, and they broke up shortly after.


Current Relationship Status:

As of 2023, Ricky Rubio is not known to be in a public relationship. He has kept his personal life private, and there have been no reports of him dating anyone.


Who is Ricky Rubio Dating Now?

There is no information available about who Ricky Rubio is dating now. He has not been seen with anyone publicly, and he has not shared any details about his personal life on social media.



There have been some rumours about Ricky Rubio’s love life in the past. In 2020, he was linked to Spanish model and influencer Laura Escanes. However, both Rubio and Escanes denied the rumours on social media.



Rubio has not been in any public relationships in recent years, so there have been no reports of any breakups.



  • Ricky Rubio was born on October 21, 1990, in El Masnou, Spain.
  • He started playing basketball at a young age and turned professional in 2009.
  • Rubio has played for several teams throughout his career, including FC Barcelona, Minnesota Timberwolves, and Phoenix Suns.
  • He has won several awards and accolades, including the EuroLeague Rising Star award and the NBA All-Rookie First Team award.
  • Rubio is known for his excellent passing and playmaking skills on the court.
  • In addition to basketball, Rubio is also interested in music and plays the guitar.



Ricky Rubio is a successful basketball player who has made a name for himself on and off the court. While his personal life is not as public as his professional one, fans are still curious about his relationships and dating life. As of now, he is not known to be in a public relationship, but fans will undoubtedly keep an eye out for any updates in the future.