Achraf Hakimi Ethnicity, Nationality, Race, Family, Body measurements, career

Achraf Hakimi Ethnicity


Achraf Hakimi, a talented professional footballer, has garnered international acclaim for his skills on the pitch. Fans are curious about Achraf Hakimi’s ethnicity, personal life, and successful career. In this trending article, we will explore Achraf Hakimi’s ethnic background, nationality, race, parents, body measurements, childhood, family, personal life, and his remarkable journey in the world of football.


Ethnicity, Ethnic Background, and Nationality:

Achraf Hakimi has a Moroccan ethnic background. Born on November 4, 1998, in Madrid, Spain, Achraf Hakimi holds Moroccan and Spanish dual nationality.


Body Measurements: 

Attribute Measurement
Height 5’10”
Weight N/A
Body Type Athletic
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brown
Skin Color Brown
Age 24



Race and Parents:

Achraf Hakimi is of Moroccan descent. His parents, who are of Moroccan origin, have played a significant role in supporting his football career.


Childhood and Family:

Achraf Hakimi had a supportive upbringing, with his family encouraging his passion for football from a young age. While specific details about his childhood are relatively undisclosed, his talent and dedication to the sport became evident early on.


Personal Life:

Achraf Hakimi prefers to keep his personal life private. However, he is known to be married to Hiba Abouk, a Spanish actress. They have a son together named Amine.



Achraf Hakimi began his professional football career at Real Madrid, where he rose through the ranks of the club’s youth system. He made his first-team debut in 2017 and showcased his exceptional speed, technical skills, and versatility as a right-back.

After a successful stint at Real Madrid, Achraf Hakimi joined Borussia Dortmund on a two-year loan deal in 201His performances in the Bundesliga garnered praise, and he established himself as one of the most promising young talents in European football.

In 2020, Achraf Hakimi made a move to Inter Milan, signing a five-year contract with the Italian club. His contributions to the team have been instrumental in their success, with his attacking prowess and defensive abilities making him a key player for both club and country.


My Conclusive View:

Achraf Hakimi’s Moroccan heritage, combined with his exceptional football skills and versatility, has made him a prominent figure in the world of football. From his breakthrough at Real Madrid to his successful spells at Borussia Dortmund and Inter Milan, Achraf Hakimi continues to showcase his talent on the field. As fans appreciate his contributions and follow his career, Achraf Hakimi’s dedication to the sport and his ability to make an impact in top leagues serve as an inspiration to aspiring footballers around the world.