Meet The Cast Of “The Staircase”



“The Staircase” is a compelling true crime documentary series that captivated audiences with its intriguing storyline and complex characters. In this article, we introduce you to the cast of “The Staircase,” providing insights into the real-life individuals whose stories were brought to life on screen. Join us as we delve into the lives of the key players in this gripping documentary series and learn more about the cast of “The Staircase.”


1. Michael Peterson

Introduce Michael Peterson, the central figure in “The Staircase.” Discuss his background, involvement in the case, and the impact the events had on his life.


2. Kathleen Peterson

Highlight Kathleen Peterson, Michael’s late wife, who tragically lost her life under mysterious circumstances. Explore her background, personality, and the role she played in the case.


3. The Peterson Family

Introduce members of the Peterson family, such as Michael and Kathleen’s children and other relatives. Discuss their perspectives on the case and their presence throughout the documentary series.


4. David Rudolf

Meet David Rudolf, Michael Peterson’s defense attorney. Explore his background, legal expertise, and the strategies he employed in the courtroom to defend his client.


5. The Prosecution Team

Introduce members of the prosecution team, including the district attorneys and key individuals involved in building the case against Michael Peterson. Discuss their roles and contributions to the trial.


6. Experts and Witnesses

Explore the experts and witnesses who testified in the case, providing crucial insights and evidence. Discuss their areas of expertise and the impact their testimonies had on the trial.


7. Filmmakers and Documentarians

Acknowledge the filmmakers and documentarians who brought “The Staircase” to life. Discuss their approach to storytelling and their role in documenting the case as it unfolded.


8. Impact and Aftermath

Discuss the impact of “The Staircase” on the individuals involved and the wider public. Explore the aftermath of the trial and the lasting effects it had on the lives of the cast members.



Wrap up the article by reflecting on the diverse cast of characters that make up “The Staircase.” Emphasize the complexities of their stories and the compelling nature of the documentary series. Express appreciation for the cast members’ contributions to the exploration of truth and justice in this gripping true crime saga.