Ranking Every Season Finale from the Show “Suits”


“Suits” has captivated audiences for nine seasons with its gripping legal drama, witty dialogues, and compelling characters. As each season comes to a close, fans eagerly anticipate the intense finales that often leave them on the edge of their seats. In this article, we will rank every season finale from “Suits,” delving into the key moments, emotional impact, and overall satisfaction they provide. Join us as we revisit these thrilling conclusions and reminisce about the show’s most memorable season-enders.


1. Season 1 Finale

The inaugural season’s finale sets the stage for future conflicts, introducing the tension between Harvey Specter and Jessica Pearson. While not as explosive as later finales, it successfully establishes the foundation for the series’ ongoing storylines.


2. Season 2 Finale

The season two finale ups the ante, showcasing the consequences of a major decision made by Harvey. The episode delivers emotional moments and unexpected twists that leave viewers eagerly anticipating the following season.


3. Season 3 Finale

Season three’s finale takes the characters through a rollercoaster of emotions as they face personal and professional challenges. The episode’s cliffhangers and dramatic confrontations create a sense of anticipation for the upcoming season.


4. Season 4 Finale

In the fourth season’s finale, “Suits” delivers a satisfying resolution to a long-running storyline, while also introducing new dynamics that set the stage for future conflicts. The episode strikes a balance between wrapping up loose ends and paving the way for exciting developments.


5. Season 5 Finale

Season five’s finale brings the tension between Mike Ross’s secret and the firm’s reputation to a boiling point. The episode features intense courtroom scenes and shocking revelations, leaving viewers eager to discover the fallout in the subsequent season.


6. Season 6 Finale

The season six finale confronts the consequences of previous actions, forcing the characters to face the repercussions of their choices. It sets the stage for a fresh start in the following season while delivering emotional moments that resonate with viewers.


7. Season 7 Finale

Season seven’s finale brings major shifts in the dynamics of the firm, showcasing the aftermath of a significant departure. The episode introduces new possibilities and leaves fans intrigued about the direction the show will take in the future.


8. Season 8 Finale

The season eight finale provides closure to several storylines while opening doors for new narratives. It brings a sense of resolution to long-standing conflicts, setting the stage for the next chapter in the characters’ journeys.


9. eason 9 Finale

The series finale of “Suits” ties up loose ends, offering closure for beloved characters and delivering heartfelt moments. It celebrates the show’s legacy while bidding farewell to its dedicated fanbase.



Throughout its nine-season run, “Suits” consistently delivered season finales that left audiences craving more. Each finale offered a unique blend of drama, suspense, and emotional depth, propelling the story forward and keeping viewers invested in the lives of their favorite characters. While the rankings may vary based on personal preferences, it is undeniable that these finales played a significant role in defining the show’s legacy. Whether it was the explosive cliffhangers, emotional resolutions, or game-changing moments, the season finales of “Suits” never failed to leave a lasting impression.