The 10 Best PBS Children’s Shows From The 90s

The 90s were a golden era for children’s television, and PBS (Public Broadcasting Service) played a significant role in shaping the entertainment landscape for young viewers. From educational programs to beloved characters, PBS brought joy and learning into countless homes. In this article, we will take a nostalgic trip down memory lane as we explore the 10 best PBS children’s shows from the 90s. Get ready to relive the magic and discover why these shows hold a special place in the hearts of many.

1. “Arthur”

Who could forget the adventures of Arthur and his friends? This beloved animated series based on Marc Brown’s books entertained and educated children with its relatable stories and valuable life lessons. From friendship to problem-solving, “Arthur” taught us important values in an engaging and entertaining way.

2. “Sesame Street”

A timeless classic, “Sesame Street” has been captivating young audiences since its inception in the 1960s. In the 90s, this educational show continued to thrive, introducing new characters and addressing important social issues. With its catchy songs, lovable Muppets, and diverse cast, “Sesame Street” remains a beloved icon of children’s television.

3. “Reading Rainbow”

Hosted by the charismatic LeVar Burton, “Reading Rainbow” encouraged a love for reading and exploration. Each episode took viewers on literary adventures, showcasing the power of imagination and the joy of storytelling. Through captivating book recommendations and field trips, this show fostered a lifelong appreciation for literature.

4. “Wishbone”

“Wishbone” brought classic literature to life in a unique and imaginative way. Through the adventures of a Jack Russell Terrier named Wishbone, viewers were transported to different time periods and literary worlds. This cleverly crafted show blended live-action and dog-centered storytelling to make reading exciting and accessible.

5. “Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood”

Fred Rogers, the gentle and kind host of “Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood,” touched the lives of generations of children. With his comforting presence and messages of acceptance and love, he taught valuable lessons about empathy, friendship, and self-esteem. The show’s simplicity and sincerity made it a cherished part of many childhoods.

6. “Bill Nye the Science Guy”

In “Bill Nye the Science Guy,” science became cool and accessible. With his energetic persona and catchy theme song, Bill Nye entertained and educated young viewers about various scientific concepts. From chemistry to astronomy, this Emmy-winning show made learning fun and sparked curiosity in the world around us.

7. “Zoom”

“Zoom” was a groundbreaking show that featured a cast of children who engaged in creative activities, games, and challenges. It encouraged young viewers to participate through its interactive format, promoting teamwork, creativity, and problem-solving skills. “Zoom” empowered children to embrace their unique talents and fostered a sense of community.

8. “The Magic School Bus”

“The Magic School Bus” took children on thrilling educational adventures led by the eccentric Ms. Frizzle and her class. Through the magic of the school bus, viewers explored various scientific phenomena, from space exploration to the inner workings of the human body. This animated series made learning science an exciting and immersive experience.

9. “Where in the World Is Carmen Sandiego?”

Joining the ranks of educational game shows, “Where in the World Is Carmen Sandiego?” combined geography, history, and problem-solving. Viewers followed the adventures of gumshoe detectives as they tracked down the elusive Carmen Sandiego. This show challenged young minds and fostered a love for learning about different cultures and places.

10. “Dragon Tales”

Filled with whimsy and imagination, “Dragon Tales” transported young viewers to the magical world of Dragon Land. With its colorful animation and enchanting stories, this show encouraged friendship, cooperation, and problem-solving. The lovable dragon characters and their human friends captivated the hearts of children and sparked their creativity.


The 10 best PBS children’s shows from the 90s hold a special place in our memories. These shows not only entertained us but also instilled important values, fostered curiosity, and promoted learning. From Arthur’s timeless lessons to the magical adventures of Dragon Tales, each show left an indelible mark on our childhoods.

As we reminisce about these beloved programs, let’s celebrate the impact they had on shaping young minds and nurturing a love for education and creativity. The legacy of these shows continues to inspire new generations of children, reminding us of the power of quality children’s programming.