Who Is Shannon Beveridge Dating Now? Exploring Her Past Relationships, Current Status, and Rumors


In the world of social media, Shannon Beveridge has garnered a significant following due to her vibrant personality and engaging content. As fans and curious onlookers, we often wonder about the romantic aspects of our favorite personalities’ lives. In this article, we will delve into Shannon Beveridge’s dating history, current relationship status, and address any rumors surrounding her love life. So, let’s explore the fascinating journey of who Shannon Beveridge is dating now!


Heading 1: Past Relationships

Shannon Beveridge, also known as “NowThisIsLiving” on YouTube, has had a few notable relationships in the past. One of her most well-known relationships was with another YouTuber, Cammie Scott. The pair began dating in 2012 and gained a substantial following as they shared their lives together online. Their relationship was cherished by fans, and they even collaborated on various content. However, after nearly three years together, Shannon and Cammie announced their split in 2015, citing personal reasons and a desire to focus on themselves individually.


Heading 2: Current Relationship Status

As of our knowledge cutoff in September 2021, Shannon Beveridge’s current relationship status is not publicly known. It’s important to note that celebrities, including social media personalities, have the right to keep their personal lives private. Therefore, any information regarding her current dating life beyond this point is speculative.


Heading 3: Rumors

Given Shannon Beveridge’s popularity and the ever-curious nature of her fans, rumors about her dating life frequently circulate. However, it is crucial to approach such rumors with skepticism unless confirmed by reliable sources or the individuals involved. Speculations and gossip about her romantic involvements can easily spread across social media platforms, but it is essential to separate fact from fiction.


Heading 4: Breakup

Shannon Beveridge’s breakup with Cammie Scott in 2015 came as a surprise to many of their fans. The couple shared the news with their subscribers through an emotional video on their respective YouTube channels. Despite the heartache and difficulty associated with ending their relationship, Shannon and Cammie expressed gratitude for the support they had received and the memories they had created together. They both emphasized their desire to remain friends and continue supporting each other’s endeavors.


Relationship Wiki Table:

Relationship Duration
Cammie Scott 2012-2015



  1. Shannon Beveridge gained prominence as a YouTuber under the channel name “NowThisIsLiving,” where she shares her experiences, vlogs, and LGBTQ+ related content.
  2. Shannon and Cammie’s relationship was an inspiration for many individuals within the LGBTQ+ community, as they openly shared their journey and struggles.
  3. After their breakup, Shannon and Cammie remained supportive of each other, often appearing in each other’s content and maintaining a friendship.



While the current dating status of Shannon Beveridge remains undisclosed, her past relationship with Cammie Scott was a significant part of her journey as a social media personality. Shannon’s openness and relatability have endeared her to a large audience, who eagerly await updates on her personal life. However, it is essential to respect her privacy and recognize that celebrities are entitled to keep certain aspects of their lives away from the public eye. As fans, let’s continue supporting Shannon Beveridge in her career and appreciate the content she creates for us to enjoy.