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Clive Myrie, a renowned British journalist, BBC presenter, and newsreader, has been making headlines as the host of BBC quiz shows, Celebrity Mastermind and Mastermind, since August 2021. Let’s explore some important aspects of his personal life, particularly the health update of his wife, Catherine Myrie, and their family.


Clive Myrie Wife Illness:

• Recent rumors about Catherine Myrie’s illness have been circulating online. • However, we can confirm that Catherine Myrie is in good health and not suffering from any illness. • On the other hand, Clive Myrie has been facing some health issues, but he has remained silent about the details, including injury marks on his neck. • The journalist was seen reporting from a besieged area of Ukraine, which raises concerns about his well-being.


Who Is Clive Myrie’s Wife Catherine Myrie?

• Clive Myrie is happily married to Catherine Myrie, an accomplished upholsterer and furniture restorer. • The couple met in 1992 at the London launch of a book featuring Swiss cheeses. • Catherine Myrie’s talents extend beyond her profession, as she also plays the trumpet and violin. She showcased her skills on Saturday Live in February 2022. • Clive attributes much of his success to his wife, saying she has given him the courage and support to pursue his dreams.


Clive Myrie And Catherine Myrie’s Children:

• While the couple has spent many years together, there is no information available about whether they have any children. • Clive and Catherine Myrie have kept their dating history and wedding details private, preferring to lead a low-key life away from the public eye.


Frequently Asked Questions About Clive Myrie Wife Illness:


Q.1 Who is Clive Myrie’s wife?

Ans. Clive Myrie is married to Catherine Myrie, an upholsterer and furniture restorer.


Q.2 What is Clive Myrie Wife’s Illness?

Ans. Catherine Myrie, Clive Myrie’s wife, is in good health and not suffering from any illness.


Q.3 How many children do Clive Myrie and his wife have?

Ans. As of now, there is no information available about whether Clive and Catherine Myrie have any children.



Clive Myrie and Catherine Myrie share a strong bond and have chosen to keep their personal life private. Catherine’s well-being is reassuring, but concerns remain about Clive’s health due to his recent reporting from a troubled region. As fans and well-wishers, we hope for the best for the couple and their family while respecting their desire for privacy.