Kim Mulkey Wiki, Biography, Net Worth, Age, Career, Relationship, Family


Kim Mulkey, a well-known figure in American college basketball, has left an indelible mark as both a player and a coach. She has achieved remarkable milestones throughout her career, including national championships and Olympic gold medals. While her professional journey is widely celebrated, let’s take a closer look at the personal aspects of her life, including her family, relationships, and net worth.


Randy Robertson: Kim Mulkey’s Support System:

  • Randy Robertson, a vital presence in Kim Mulkey’s life, is her husband.
  • Following a previous marriage and subsequent divorce, Kim Mulkey and Randy Robertson came together.
  • While there were rumors of an engagement between Kim and Randy, they remain unmarried.

Kim Mulkey’s Family and Children:

  • Kim Mulkey and Randy Robertson tied the knot in 1987, only to part ways in 2006.
  • Their union bore two children:
    • Kramer Robertson, born on September 20, 1994, in Ruston, Louisiana, is a notable professional baseball infielder in the St. Louis Cardinals organization. He is 28 years old.
    • Makenzie Fuller, born on September 16, 1991, in Ruston, Louisiana, is Kim’s daughter. She is 31 years old.


Insight into Kim Mulkey’s Net Worth:

  • As an accomplished college basketball player and coach, Kim Mulkey’s net worth is estimated at around $5 million.
  • She earns an annual salary of approximately $400,000.


Kim Mulkey’s Life Journey: Age and Background:

  • Born on May 17, 1962, in Santa Ana, California, Kim Mulkey is currently 60 years old.
  • A Taurus by zodiac sign, Kim’s early life and upbringing shaped her path in basketball.
  • She stands at 5 feet 4 inches tall and weighs 58 kg.


Frequently Asked Questions about Kim Mulkey:


  • Q1. Who is Kim Mulkey?

    • Ans. Kim Mulkey is a renowned American college basketball coach and former player. She is currently leading Louisiana State University’s women’s basketball team.


  • Q2. What illness does Kim Mulkey have?

    • Ans. Kim Mulkey faced a diagnosis prior to coaching, addressing potential distractions for the team. She has since recovered.


  • Q.3 What is Kim Mulkey’s husband’s name?

    • Ans. Kim Mulkey’s former husband’s name is Randy Robertson.


  • Q.4 How old is Kim Mulkey?

    • Ans. Kim Mulkey is 60 years old.


In Conclusion:

Kim Mulkey’s journey is characterized by her remarkable achievements in the world of college basketball. While her professional accomplishments are noteworthy, her personal life, including her husband Randy Robertson and their children, adds depth to her story. With her net worth reflecting her successful career, Kim Mulkey continues to inspire and impact the world of sports.